Quick Updates

Public Beta! Currently only limited features are available ;-)

  • Newsletter #3 is issued, see an archive(2017-11-30)
  • Newsletter #2 is issued, see an archive(2017-10-31)
  • Changelog site is live(2017-10-03)
  • Newsletter #1 is issued, see an archive(2017-09-30)
  • Renew product concept demo(2017-09-24)
  • Gain a first customer in Switzerland(2017-09-07)
  • Public beta version(2017-07-14 → 2017-09-01)
  • Get review from early adaptors and friends in Switzerland(2017-08-22 - 2017-09-4)
  • Create logo(2017-07-19)
  • Private beta test(2017-07-12, 13)
  • Register a domain (scrolliris.io)(2017-07-08)
  • Get architecture review from friends in Japan(2017-06-29)
  • Publish a pitch video(2017-06-16)
  • Register a domain (scrolliris.com)(2017-06-04)

Comming Soon


  • Gain software development work (web application, ios application) from customer(2017-12-02)
  • Fist settlement of accounts done!(2017-11-15)
  • Gain a web design work from customer(2017-09-24)
  • Submit patent about mechanism of text readability in Japan(2017-09-09)
  • Create logo(2017-07-19)
  • Incorporate Lupine Software LLC(2017-07-07)
  • Register a domain (lupine-software.com)(2017-06-04)